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Machinery equipment accessories, Fan blade, Motorcycle parts, Custom gravity casting.

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With over 40 years of achieving top quality deliverables while adhering to competitive budgets and timeframes, ACME Casting Co., LTD is positioned as a superior partner in the global aluminum gravity casting industry. Since its inception in 1979, improving methods, machinery, and workflow to exceed the evolution of technology and modern demands, remains a core value. For decades, ACME has worked as a responsive partner with OEMs and Private Clients alike, to engineer solutions for even the most rigorous casting projects spanning the automotive, petroleum, electrical and general appliance industries.


Aluminum Alloys used in gravity casting and Approximate Equivalents


UK  ISO  ASTM Japan End Uses
LM25 Al-Si7Mg A356.0 AC4C Sand chill; general purpose high strength alloy with good castability; wheels, cylinder blocks, heads
LM27 Al-Si7Cu3Mn0.5 - AC2B Sand, chill; versatile alloy, good castability; general engineering parts
LM30 Al-Si17Cu4Mg 390 - Pressure diecast; unlined cylinder blocks